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How to Navigate Our Online Store

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How to Navigate Our Online Store

Dec 18, 2023
How to Navigate Our Online Store

At Cincinnati Dowel, it is our goal to make it easy to find the dowels your business needs online. We want to make the process simple, so you can order the dowels you need shipped directly to you, without the need for endless shopping or confusing product listings.  

Our online shop is built with you in mind. We want to help you find the wood products that you need, and we have several key features that are an important part of this journey.  

To help you navigate the shop page and effortlessly find the wood dowels and components that you need, we have put together this quick guide. We will discuss how to effectively find the products you need, how to use the filter options on the side of the page, and how to navigate the cart for an easy checkout. Keep reading to learn more! 


Shop Page Key Features 


As you shop, take note of the key shop page features that can help you in your journey.  


Create an Account:  


Creating an account with Cincinnati Dowel offers you personalized shipping solutions tailored to your needs. Once registered, you can save your preferred carriers, ensuring your orders are shipped exactly how you want them. 

Below we have outlined the unique features of your personal Cincinnati Dowel account!  



For larger LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipments, we offer the option to ship collect, providing you with more control over shipping costs. For smaller packages, you can easily save your UPS or FedEx account numbers, streamlining the shipping process.  

In cases where no specific shipping method is selected, rest assured we will choose the most economical option, adding the shipping charges directly to your final total for hassle-free transactions. 


Apply for Credit Terms 

Unlock the convenience of credit terms (in-house financing) by creating an account and applying for our Net-30-day payment terms.  

This streamlined process frees you from the need to provide credit card details at the time of purchase.  Instead, once your order ships, you'll receive an invoice, giving you the flexibility to pay within 30 days.  

To get started, simply fill out and email us a credit application, available on our downloadable documents page. Upon approval by our accounting department, your account will transition from Credit Card to Net-30-day payment terms, making your purchasing experience smoother and more efficient. 


Check Order History 

You can review your past purchases to easily find the products you frequently purchase.  


Reset Your Password 

Have you ever forgotten your password? Or do you need to make your account more secure for any reason? No problem! We make it easy for you to reset your password in this section. 


Order Tracking: 


Stay informed every step of the way with Cincinnati Dowel's order tracking system. As soon as you place an order online, you'll receive an immediate order confirmation email, ensuring you that your order has been successfully submitted. As we begin processing your order, you'll be notified with an 'Order In-Process' email, indicating that your order has been entered into our system and is actively being handled. Finally, upon shipment, you'll receive an 'Order Completed' email, which not only signifies the completion of your order but also provides you with tracking information to monitor its journey to you. This streamlined communication keeps you updated and confident about your purchase from start to finish.   


Downloadable Documents:  


On the Downloadable Documents page, we have commonly requested documents available to download for your reference and convenience. Some of these documents include W9 Form, MSDS Wood Dust,   Ohio Sales Tax Exempt Form,  Product Brochure,  Bung Spec Sheet,  Credit Application,  and Employment Application,  
If you need assistance or are looking for something not listed, please email

What are some different kinds of wood plugs? Learn more here! 


Our Price Tier:  


The more you buy, the cheaper your overall price will be if you buy in bulk.  

Here’s a Tip: Have you ever seen an ‘M’ next to your quantity of products? ‘M’ is equal to 1,000.  


Search Bar 


The search bar is another useful tool that you can use for a more direct search. If you know the name or specifications of the item you are looking for, you can enter it in the search bar and your results will appear immediately.  




Another feature that is important to know about is filters. Filters can be found on the sidebar (under categories) to help you search for specific requirements.  

This process is more limited compared to searching by category. Currently, we provide filters for: 

  • Species
  • Diameter
  • Length 
  • Type  

Every option includes multiple boxes to help you refine your search as much as you can. To choose the desired option from each filter, simply click the box next to your criteria. You have the option to choose one filter from each section. 

The category option helps you explore our products based on wider categories, making it easier for you to discover new products or find the items you need. 

You can search by options like species or length, making your browsing experience more convenient. 


The Check Out Process 


Let's quickly run through the checkout process to help you understand how your Cincinnati Dowel journey might look.  

  1. Choose Your Item(s) 

  2. Finalize Your Cart

  3. Fill Out Your Billing Information

  4. Decide Whether to Use Your Account Number for Shipping

  5. Add Payment Information and Submit Your Order 

Welcome to our new website! Click here for a brief walkthrough! 


Wholesale Wood Components from Cincinnati Dowel 


You need bulk or wholesale dowels or wood components for your business. Cincinnati Dowel makes finding the products you need easy, and the shipping process even easier.  

Our expansive selection of wood products is designed to allow you to buy large quantities of dowels and wood products that are simple and effective for your business. We sell dowels, distillery items, plugs, joinery items, and more! 

Click here to browse our inventory of dowels and wood products now! 

Happy with the difference Cincinnati Dowel has made for your projects? Leave us a quick five-star review here! 

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