Looking to TURN A Profit?

Greetings from the blog at Cincinnati Dowel! I hope everyone has had a great summer and spent as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors- it has certainly been a hot one. Fall is soon approaching and while that does mean cooler weather, changing leaves, and of course… football, it also means winter is right around the corner. While some might love to go out and enjoy the winter wonderland, for most it means a lot more time spent indoors. So I ask you this, “What do you do in the winter to occupy your free time?” Television and other electronics are great and all, but they aren’t very productive or self-improving activities. So what about a new hobby? Ever considered wood turning? I would assume since you reading a blog on a website that sells wood products that you have some interest/knowledge in the area of wood, but it is doubtful that you have considered becoming a wood turner. However, maybe you should. It makes for a great hobby when the weather prohibits you from partaking in swimsuit required activities, and getting started is relatively simple. All you need is a lathe, a couple turning tools, and….. WOOD! (We don’t sell the first two, but keep reading for the inside scoop on the third)

Turning pens is very popular and a great place to start. Pens are small, easy to manage, and the basic kits are relatively inexpensive. They make great gifts and after a little experience, you can sell them and put a little extra spending money in your pocket. You can find all sorts of different species of wood to craft your new writing utensils, but trust me when I say that when you first start you are going to mess up ….a lot, and nothing is more frustrating when you blow out an Afzelia blank that you just spent $10 on. So where can you get quality pen blanks that have a good variety but won’t break the bank when you destroy your first few rounds? If you guessed Wal-Mart you are completely wrong. If you guessed Cincinnati Dowel, then you are an utter genius and deserve a pat on the back.

Our 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 6″ Pen Blank Assortment Pack is perfect for those new to the pen turning world. They consist of 12 pieces of exotic Malaysian hardwoods. Now, you may not have a list of exactly what is included in each assortment, but at less than $1 per blank, you can spend all day creating stunning works of arts, or a beautiful pile of failed scraps, all for less than the cost of a new DVD. But what if you are already a skilled pen turner? Then buy twice as many packs! These are quality blanks at a great price! You can give them away as presents, try out cutting new patterns or designs, or just stock up your portfolio with some exotic Malaysian species. Regardless of your skill set, it’s a win-win.

This post is a bit longer than I had planned, so I will wrap it up with this- As the season TURNS, if you want a hobby that will also TURN a profit, then learn to TURN pens by TURNING to Cincinnati Dowel and getting a few Pen Blank Assortment Packs.

Cheesy, I know, but its been a long day and this was the best ending I could come up with. Until next time…

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