Hooray for Opening Day!!

Are you craving peanuts and Cracker Jacks? Do you miss the smell of fresh cut grass? Do you long to be taken out to ball game? Well if so, then you are in luck because Opening Day is here!!!!! Now, I fully realize that everyone reading this post is not from the great city of Cincinnati or is fully aware of baseball’s history, so let me enlighten you. In my eyes there is only 1 Opening Day and that is in Cincinnati. Since the 1800’s up until 1989 the Reds always hosted the first MLB game of the season because the Reds were the first professional franchise in baseball- seems fitting. Since 1990 however, that tradition has been thrown out like yesterdays trash thanks to TV rights and money (blame ESPN). Regardless, Opening Day is still a huge event in Cincinnati and starting this year, thanks to city council, it is an “official ceremonial city holiday”. They close the streets for parades and make a all day event out of it. Nothing like the great American pastime!

If you are starting to wonder what this has to do with Cincinnati Dowel & Wood Products or any of the spectacular products we offer, be patient, I am getting to that.

I have been to a few Opening Days in my life but unfortunately this year I will not be in attendance due to work obligations. The Red’s organization realized this dilemma that many people face and came up with a genius idea…. Opening Night! There isn’t another parade, but the second game is an evening game filled with lots of festivities and fireworks. Thanks to my good friend Brad, I will be attending (thanks Brad).

Ok, so now that we got all of that out of the way, lets get down to how this relates to Cincinnati Dowel. We make wood dowels. Wood dowels are used to make wood bats. Wood bats are used in Major League Baseball. Major League Baseballs’s historic Opening Day in Cincinnati is today. No, we do not make baseball bats, but that is not the point.

Although ESPN is to blame for stripping the Red’s of this time honored tradition, they make up for it in other ways. While I was reluctantly watching the pre-game show last night they showed this video that I found quite interesting. It shows the entire process of making a bat from cutting the tree down to delivering it to the clubhouse. I wish it was being delivered to Joey Votto instead of Hanley Ramirez but oh well. Check it out below…

Who would have ever thought that there would be a video put together by ESPN involving making dowels with dubstep music? Anyway, watch the official Opening Day game between the Reds and Marlins at 4:05 pm EST today and be sure to check out Cincinnati Dowel’s online store to buy some wood dowels and wood balls.


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