Cyber Monday Madness

Everyone loves getting great deals especially around the holidays so it’s no wonder why “Black Friday”, the biggest shopping day of the year, is so popular. However, if you are anything like myself, you refuse to wake up at 3 am to stand in line outside a store, only to go inside and hopefully find what you are looking for, then wait another 3 hours in line just to check out simply to get a good deal. However, with every problem there is a solution. This stressful brick-and-mortar store experience, along with the continued growth of E-commerce, has created a much more efficient way to shop and still reap the benefits of the after-Thanksgiving sales…. Cyber Monday.

The Monday after Thanksgiving, a.k.a. Cyber Monday, is considered to be one of the least productive work days for office workers all over the country (3-day turkey binge eating+Monday morning at the office+huge online store discounts= low productivity). Why waste your entire Friday fighting for parking spaces and waiting in lines when you can make a few clicks Monday morning at the office and save just as much money.

Now, you might think this “Cyber Monday” is just for stores that sell toys, clothes, electronics, and other popular gift items, but you would be incorrect in your assumptions. Just because Cincinnati Dowel & Wood Products‘ online store doesn’t offer any 60″ LCD TV’s, kitchen appliances, or video games doesn’t mean we don’t get down with the Cyber Monday Madness!

To celebrate this post-holiday shopping fiasco, we are excited to announce that we will be offering 15% off your entire purchase on our online store. This discount is only valid for Monday November 28, 2011. Just enter the coupon code “15%OFF” in the coupon code section on the checkout page to receive the discount. You still must reach the $25 order minimum after the discount is applied, but with these savings I am sure that won’t be a problem. Just try not to max out your credit card.

So this year, in stead of going out and standing in line for 5 hours at Home Depot to get some shims or dowel rods, wait until Monday and then click on over to The Store at Cincinnati Dowel to pick up all the wood products you need at jaw-dropping prices. Just don’t let your boss see you!

Oh, and if you don’t have any need for wood dowels, plugs, or joinery items, but still want to capitlaize on some great savings at CDWP, check out our Cedar Toy Block Sets. They are American-made and make great Christmas gifts for children of all ages.

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