Let’s get Roasting!

So now that Fall has officially begun (it was Sept 23rd for those of you who pay no attention to the official seasonal calender), it is time to really get into all the great things that accompany this wonderful time of year. In my opinion, fall is the best season. It is not rainy like Spring, or scorching hot like summer, or frigid cold like winter. Fall has great temperatures and lets not forget…FOOTBALL! Thanks to all the marketing gurus out there, you can watch either NFL or college football pretty much every day of the week! Hallelujah! But before you get too excited and leave your computer for the nearest bar or cable-ready TV, allow me to finish because what I have to say will undoubtedly change your course of action.

In addition to the great weather, turning leaves, and of course, the great all-American sport of football, fall brings another great thing. Campfires. Whether its a small contained fire on your back patio or a gargantuan Ohio-State-Buckeye-after-a-loss bonfire, fall is the perfect time. Not too hot to sit by some burning logs and not to cold that you have to be on top of the flames. Now you are probably wondering how this pertains to Cincinnati Dowel. Well, not only do we also love Fall and campfires(away from our factory of course), but we have recently released a new product that is sure to heat up your campfire experience.

We now offer…Grilling Sticks! (Applause). Now when you are sitting out by the fire with friends and family you can whip out a pack of our beautiful 1/4″ x 30″ blunt-pointed wooden Grilling Sticks to grill hot dogs, roast marshmallows, or cook kabobs. They come in packages of 4, but depending on how big your fire is or how many friends you have, you might want to purchase several packs (I recommend an even 20 packs). If you are feeling ambitions and would like to order a full pallet worth, just give me a call and we can work something out.

Okay, enough talking about it, just click to The Store at Cincinnati Dowel and order a few packs before halftime is over and we will get them shipped to your residence as soon as possible.

 There is no “I” in “Team”, but there is an “I” in “Grilling Sticks“, three of them actually.

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