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Welcome to the NEW Cincinnati Dowel & Wood Products online store! We have transitioned to a wholesale e-commerce site to be more competitive for larger volumes and offer products in a much wider range of sizes and species. We hope you enjoy the new shopping experience!

If you are looking for smaller quantities, please visit our partner site,

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Welcome to Cincinnati Dowel's NEW online store! With decades of experience in the industry, we specialize in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of wood dowels, buttons, plugs, and custom turnings. Whether you're a professional woodworker, hobbyist, or DIY enthusiast, our products are designed to meet your needs and elevate your woodworking projects. Browse through our extensive selection, place your order with ease, and experience the convenience of having top-notch wood products delivered right to your doorstep. Thank you for choosing Cincinnati Dowel, where quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.



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2" Poplar Bungs

$0.24 - $.027 /each


Wood Shim pack

Wood Shims - 15"

$4.10 /pack


Poplar Dowel

Poplar Dowel 2" x 36"

$6.61 /each


Pre-Glued Dowel Pins

Pre-Glued Dowel Pins 8mm x 30mm

$19.10 - $31.20 /thousand


Hardwood Floor Splines

Hardwood Floor Spline

$132.90 /pack


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Repairing Barrel Leaks Using Wooden Spiles & Wedges

AUG 14, 2023

For cooperages, distilleries, and other businesses that rely on barrels to run their daily operations, leaks and seepage need to be addressed as soon as they occur. 

It is often difficult to identify...

A line of wooden barrels. The text reads, "Repairing Barrel Leaks Using Wooden Spiles & Wedges"

Understanding the Janka Hardness Scale for Woodworking

AUG 14, 2023

The Janka Hardness scale is the best tool available to determine a species of wood’s hardness. It assigns each species of wood a set numerical value. The higher the number, the harder the wood.  

Understanding the Janka Hardness Scale for Woodworking

Welcome to Our New Website

AUG 30, 2023

Welcome to our new site! We want to invite you to take a look around our new website. Cincinnati Dowel & Wood Products is a family-owned company that has been providing high-quality wood products sinc...

Welcome to our new site!


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I have been affiliated with Cincinnati Dowel in some capacity since 1993. Their knowledge, quality and service in the wood products industry is at the top of the list and I would recommend them for any dowel, turning or related item you may need. They have a vast inventory of standard dowels, buttons, plugs and turnings but do shy away from them if you have a custom item as they have the knowledge and know how to get the job done.

Dewey Bunker (United Forest Traders)

Cincinnati Dowel has been a supplier of ours for almost 20 years. Their superior product range and exemplary professionalism have fortified our partnership and significantly enhanced customer satisfaction. We look forward to more years of productive collaboration. A huge thank you to the Cincinnati Dowel team for setting the standard in the industry.

Felisha England (Cindoco Wood Products)

We have worked with Eric Frey at Cincinnati Dowel and Wood Products for the last several years. The customer service and the quality of the products are great. They are quick to process our orders. 

Marlene Hillier (Country Connection)

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