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  • Joinery Biscuits

    Our Economy Joinery Biscuit is a less expensive alternative to the Lamello wood biscuit. They consist of either a compressed wood or plywood depending on availability. Both are very durable and allow for a strong bond between two pieces of wood. Available in 3 sizes. 

    Our economy joinery biscuits are the same quality you come to expect from the major brands. Tests have shown no difference in strength. 

    Sold in 100 count packages

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  • Joinery Biscuit Assortment

    Our joinery biscuit assortment is perfect for any home workshop. Includes the three most commonly used sizes of joinery biscuits. Each kit is packed in a resealable plastic container with convenient hangers for pegboard hooks or nails. Easily refillable, the plastic container keeps your shop organized. Our joinery biscuits are made to expand slightly, when glued in place, creating a tighter bond. Compatible with all biscuit slot cutters.

    Assortment includes:

    • 20 Pieces - #20 Biscuits
    • 30 Pieces - #10 Biscuits
    • 40 Pieces - #0 Biscuits
    • 1 - Resealable plastic container

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