1. What species of wood are hardwood dowels?  Hardwood dowels are a mixture of hardwood such as Birch, Ramin, Marupa, and Tauri.  These economy dowels are imported with diameter tolerances of +/- .015”.

2. What is the difference between end grain and side grain?  End grain is a plug or button that is turned from the “end” cut of the lumber.  Side grain (also known as face grain) is made from the side of the lumber and will match the grain of the wood in flooring and fine furniture applications.  If your project requires painting, end grain will be sufficient. However, if stain is being used, side grain will provide a more desirable finish.

3. What is your shipping policy?  Most orders will ship in 1-2 business days. If we do not have your item in stock, we will contact you to give you an estimated delivery time. Transit times can be found Here.

4. Do you offer White Oak?  Most of the Oak that we manufacture is Red Oak.  We offer White Oak as a custom product.

More information about the differences between White Oak and Red Oak can be found Here

5. I have had “sizing problems” with previous suppliers. What is the problem?  Wood is a porous material.  As it is exposed to different environments, it will absorb moisture as well as become “drier” over time.  The wood will “expand” or “grow” as it takes on moisture as well as “shrink” as it dries out.  The domestic dowels, buttons and plugs at Cincinnati Dowel & Wood Products have a tolerance of +/- .005" to .008”.

6. Which wood is the hardest? Hardwoods are ranked based on the janka hardness test which is used to measure the resistance of wood to wear and tear as well as denting. Below is a list of woods we offer on our site and their janka rating in order of hardest to softest.

SpeciesJanka Hardness
 Ipe 3,510 lbf
 PurpleHeart2,520 lbf
 Hard Maple/ Sugar Maple1,450 lbf
 Mahogany1,410 lbf
 White Oak1,350 lbf
 White Ash1,320 lbf 
 Beech1,300 lbf 
 Red Oak1,220 lbf
 Teak1,070 lbf
 Black Walnut1,010 lbf
 Cherry950 lbf
 Soft Maple950 lbf
 Birch ( Various subspecies )930-1400 lbf
 Poplar540 lbf
 Economy Hardwood 540-1450 lbf
*Janka hardness information obtained from the wood database
( http://www.wood-database.com  )