Quilt Hangers & Thread Racks

Our solid wood thread racks and quilt hangers make a great gift for yourself and others. The thread racks are ready to assembly and are available in two versions. The rotary thread rack offers a space saving design with the convenience of a lazy susan. The "Mack" series thread rack can be mounted on a wall or stand up on a table. Once your tapestry or quilt is completed, you can proudly display your work using our quilt hangers.

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lmtr Little Mack Thread Rack
  • $14.99
mmtr Mini Mack Thread Rack
  • $10.99
bmtr Big Mack Thread Rack
  • $18.99
rtrsm Small Rotary Thread Rack
  • $8.99
rtrlg Large Rotary Thread Rack
  • $10.99
qh Quilt Hanger
  • $4.50
qht Mini Quilt Hanger ( Twin )
  • $6.99