Marshmallow Sticks

Why wood is the best choice for marshmallow roasting sticks!

Many marshmallow sticks available at big box stores are produced using a grass called bamboo. Since bamboo is a grass, the bamboo plant does not produce logs that can be cut into lumber for further processing. Bamboo must instead be cut into strips that are glued into boards before being molded into bamboo dowels. The bamboo is also often treated with chemicals to prevent discoloration caused by fungus growth.
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While these bamboo sticks are less expensive to make, we believe they are an inferior product. Wood takes longer to burn than grass which extends the life of the roasting sticks. Wood does not need to be glued before being molded into dowels making them a chemical free product with no risk of contamination from glues being broken down under the intense heat of your campfire.

Wood marshmallow roasting sticks are most often produced using cutoff material that would normally be burned, or disposed of in other wasteful manners. This utilization of wood that would be considered scrap allows us to help the environment by reducing waste and preventing additional trees from being harvested prematurely. 

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