Adhesives & Wood Repair

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  • KwikWood Wood Putty Stick

    Wood Repair Epoxy Putty 
    Cincinnati Dowel is proud to offer JB Weld KwikWood Putty. KwikWood is a hand-mixable epoxy putty specially formulated by JB Weld to repair and rebuild wood.

    Strength: 900PSI
    Set Time: 15-25 Minutes
    Cure Time: 1 Hour
    Cure Color: Light Tan 

    Great For: 

    • Indoor/Outdoor 
    • Dry Rot 
    • Knot Holes 
    • Window and Door Frames 
    • Screw Holes 
    • Insect Damage 
    • Furniture & Carvings 
    • Gouges & Cracks 
    • PVC Trim Board   
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  • Wood Filler Repair Putty

    Wood Repair Putty ( Wood Filler )
    J-B Wood Restore Repair Putty Wood Filler provides a permanent repair to damaged and rotted wood. J-B Wood Filler’s professional strength formula is ideal for interior and exterior wood projects. 

    • Permanent Damaged Wood Repairs 
    • Exterior and Interior 
    • Fills Large Cracks and Voids 
    • Fast Drying - Paint in 1 Hour 

    Great For: 

    • Indoor/Outdoor 
    • Door Frames 
    • Window Frames and Sills 
    • Sashes 
    • Eaves 
    • Garage 
    • Columns 
    • Fences   
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  • Glue Bottle - Biscuit Slot

    Our Biscuit Slot glue bottle is designed to evenly disperse glue into the grooves cut for joinery biscuits. Our bottles are made from a strong plastic that allows you to easily squeeze the glue from the bottle. 

    Sold Individually

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