About Us

Cincinnati Dowel & Wood Products was founded in 1925 by Mr. G. Milton Wurzelbacher. 

Our founder, circa 1968.

Originally located in Cincinnati, OH our operations expanded to Mt. Orab in the 1960's. Since our expansion, we have experienced enormous growth. The original factory was approximately 10,000 square feet. 

Our current facility includes over 45,000 square feet for manufacturing and warehousing of finished products. 

Our current facility
(Circa: 2018)

Cincinnati Dowel & Wood Products manufactures wood dowels, buttons, plugs and other turnings from an extensive selection of tree species, including:

Domestic Woods: Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Poplar, Beech, Hickory, Ash, Birch, Pine, Walnut, Cherry

Exotic Woods: African Mahogany, Genuine Mahogany, Sapele, Teak, Ipa, Brazilian Cherry ( Jatoba ), Ironwood ( Ipe ), Canarywood, Purpleheart, Yellowheart, Wenge & Many More

Our custom dowel sizes range from 1/8" to 12" in diameter and lengths ranging from 1" long to 16 feet long.

Our primary advantage over competitors is our access to a full range of Appalachian hardwoods and softwoods, meaning our wood products don't require special stains to simulate other woods. In addition, we'll quote from your drawings and may already have the in-house tooling to meet your custom turning requirements. Whether it's a fluted maple spindle, a walnut floor plug, or a custom oak dowel, if you envision it, we can supply it.

Manufacturing capabilities include:

Planing: Thickness, Finish
Saw Cutting: Ripping, Crosscutting, Rough to Length, Precision End Trim
Molding: Dowels, Squares, S4S Boards, Trim Molding, Half Round, Custom Profiles
Turning: Finials, Spindles, Plugs, Bungs
Pin cutting: Fluted, Spiral, Smooth, Chamfered, Straight Cut
Sanding: Dowel Sanding, Edge Sanding, Tumble Sanding
End Operations: Tenoning, Tapering, Pointing, Rounding, Drilling, Metal Hangers

Our Staff:

Contact Information
Jerry Streight
President & Owner
Phone: 937-444-2502 Ext. 104
Melissa Hacker
General Manager
Phone: 937-444-2502 Ext. 101
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Bill Streight
Production Manager
Plant Manager
Maintenance Manager
Phone: 937-444-2502 Ext. 106
Chris Pizzuto
Supply Chain/Purchasing Manager
E-Commerce Manager
Customer Service
Phone: 937-444-2502 Ext. 106
Eric Frey
Sales & Marketing Manager
Customer Service
Phone: 937-444-2502 Ext. 105
Bethany Spires
Credit Manager
Customer Service
Phone: 937-444-2502 Ext. 102